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Innovative formulation for pregnant women and future mothers


The period of pregnancy is one of the nutritionally most demanding periods in the life of every woman. Although every pregnancy is special, adequate daily intake of nutrients is extremely important for every pregnancy. Almagea Prenatal Omega3+ ensures that every woman can enjoy in the period of pregnancy and relax in the magical moments with her baby.

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Shine On+

Beauty comes from within

Let healthy hair, shiny skin and strong nails become your daily routine during autumn and winter. Relax and enjoy the magic of cold days because they can be beautiful too. With Shine On+ you shine every day, regardless of the season.




To provide our customers with only the best products which nutritionally aid to maintain health and deliver the packaging of the highest quality. By continuously taking note of our customer’s needs, we are committed to improving existing and developing new products arising from scientific discoveries, by applying the most advanced technologies. It’s the values lying at the heart of the company and the dedication of our employees that make up for a safe and healthy future.


The revolution in our day starts with Almagea. Profound knowledge and rich experience coupled with innovative ideas and a transparent business approach aid us in offering our customers a product quality of the highest standard.

GMO free
No preservatives
Not tested on animals


A positive change comes from the inside.

Sunlove Skin+

Skin care on the inside all year round and protection against oxidative stress.

155,00 HRK

L-Carnitine Active+

Provides energy during physical activity and stimulates fat metabolism in the body.

158,50 HRK

Shine On+

Nutrients for the health and beauty of hair, skin and nails.

179,90 HRK


How you act today may affect your tomorrow.

Curcumin Forte+

Enhancing your body’s defense mechanism the power of curcumin and vitamin D.

148,00 HRK

Krill Oil Cardio+

Omega-3 fatty acids vital for the normal functioning of the whole organism.

154,80 HRK

Man Formula+

Nutrients for men’s overall health and vitality.

198,00 HRK


For the balance of hormones and metabolism and providing you with more energy.

172,90 HRK

Motion Support+

Maintaining bone, cartilage and muscle health for all age groups.

142,50 HRK

Prenatal Omega3+

Key nutrients at pregnancy planning, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

178,90 HRK


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