About Almagea

About us

A revolution coming from nature

At the point when the offer on the market in dietary supplements wasn’t meeting our own demands, we decided to come up with something new and offer it to people. By merging the best ingredients with innovative technologies, following the latest trends in the world of nutrition and pharma industry, we’ve created Almagea’s dietary supplements. Besides the dietary supplements’ market, we are also present on the market of pharmaceutical packaging by running a successful distribution business around glass and plastic packaging. We’ve grown into a trusted partner for enhancing the quality of life and safeguarding human health by continuous investment into our products and services, as well as widening our product range.





To provide our customers with only the best products which nutritionally aid to maintain health and deliver packaging of the highest quality. By continuously noting our customer’s needs, we have made it our priority to improve existing and developing new products resulting from scientific discoveries, by applying the most advanced technologies. It’s the values lying at the heart of the company and the dedication of our employees that constitute a safe and healthy future.


The revolution in our day starts with Almagea. Profound knowledge and rich experience, coupled with innovative ideas and a transparent business approach aid us in offering product quality of the highest standard to our customers.


Our team

Our strength

Almagea has motivated and educated experts, who each with their knowledge, proactive approach and groundbreaking ideas turn Almagea’s vision into reality.  We are transforming our passion into top-notch products by continuous personal and business progress of the entire team, making your everyday feel better.

Want to join such a team? We’re always on the lookout for professionals who would like to  pursue Almagea’s vision, dedication and follow our approach. Send us your application to posao@almagea.hr


Almagea's management processes are certified according to ISO standards 9001 and 14001

Our strength

Entering the tenth year of operation, we have introduced the standards of ISO 9001 quality management system and 14001 environmental management system. With these certificates, we have strengthened the perception of our company by business partners and customers and strengthened our position in the market, confirming that the quality of our service and products is constant.

Corporate social responsibility

A better future with Almagea

We’re committed to a transparent business which invests into the preservation of human health and a life of quality on Earth, so that our youngest may have a better tomorrow.


Packaging & dietary supplements


The selection of packaging is of key importance before delivering a final product onto the market. Our team of experts will gladly provide you with advice and offer you the best quality there is in certified packaging. Our competitive edge lies in the swift and flexible regional distribution of pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic packaging to our clients.

Dietary supplements

Our products present a revolution in their nutritional value. They are the outcome of a merger between the development of groundbreaking formulations and the most advanced production technologies. We take a lot of pride in our dietary supplements, which we hereby present to you. They have been conscientiously and responsibly developed, so that we may offer you nature’s best and make everyday lifestyle challenges a lot easier.


SGS ISO 9001 Certificate
SGS ISO 14001 Certificate