Development trends


We are applying the newest, most innovative technologies. We do that always.

Almagea’s dietary supplements contain revolutionary ingredients which, combined with the latest tech accomplishments, represent high bioavailable products.


Applied technologies

Almagea’s dietary supplements are the outcome of dedicated and painstaking work of our team of experts. We’re constantly on the lookout for new scientific discoveries in the nutrition and pharmaceutical industry and we’re turning them into practical and innovative ideas. We’re developing dietary supplements for a niche, focusing on health and beauty products, because we believe that prevention and a healthy lifestyle are crucial to ensure a longer life.



The quality of our products and a responsible management are the two pillars of our business. We insist on them and it’s by them that our customers and partners recognise us on the market, enabling us to maintain a relationship based on satisfaction with them.

When it comes to our products, we combine the development of innovative formulations via carefully selected ingredients with choosing the most suitable technology of our manufacturing partner. It’s of vital importance to know how to join innovative formulation and the corresponding dosage form with the user-friendly technology. By following tech trends in the nutrition and pharmaceutical industry continuously, we can offer dietary supplements in dosage forms of high bioavailability.


LiCaps technology

Almagea in liquid capsules

The Licaps technology makes a completely new level of bioavailability possible.

Capsugel is a well-known leader on the world pharmaceutical market by its innovative capsulating technology  – Licaps®. Capsugel’s exclusive patented Fusion technology of capsule filling and closing conserves the highly valuable ingredients.  The light capsule secures the precious liquid inside, can be easily swallowed and ensures better absorption of nutrients.The capsules does not contain harmful material, such as plasticizers, GMOs, solvents, preservatives, sugars or starches and therefore meets high standards of purity and safety. What’s more, the nitrogen bubble that fills the capsule increases its stability while maintaining the freshness and safety of the product.

Sachet technology


The powder form is a practical and easy solution for everyday consumption.

The dosage form of the powder bag, which dissolves in water, allows the required amounts of active substances to be administered in only one daily dose. The protective packaging of the bag guarantees excellent protection of the active substances from light and moisture, and the delicious drink will instantly work its effect.