Superb packaging is equally important as the content inside it.

We distribute pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic packaging from leading European manufacturers. Being completely aware of how demanding and challenging it is to launch a new product into the market, we take pride in providing you, our client, with advice and offering you certified packaging of the highest quality. This is how we can at least make the production process one step easier. We treat each of our clients individually, taking care to observe and notice the client’s needs in order for the packaging of the final product to be the best possible. Our competitive edge lies in our swift and flexible service of regional distribution of the highest quality packaging for our clients.

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Pharmaceutical packaging (for pharmacies)

Almagea offers you an innovative solution - sophisticated pharmaceutical packaging sets with an adequate number of compatible glass bottles and plastic screw caps with a unique serial number to go with corresponding certificates of quality and a bar code. They are an excellent choice for a safer handling of the product and optimisation of your storage area!


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  • continuous customer support and guidance at the selection of packaging for the final product
  • range of products: pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic packaging
  • headquarters and warehouse are located in Zagreb



Each item we deliver is accompanied by the manufacturer’s  technical specification and a certificate of analysis, adhering to the strictest quality control procedures. Such an approach, along with the certified pharmaceutical packaging, safeguards the quality and stability of your products, keeping the end users content with it.

GMP, Clean Room, ISO certificates and compliance with the European pharmacopoeia standards are all preconditions which must be equally met by the partner we seek to cooperate with and the product we distribute.



We proudly present you SGD ENSIEMO – the completely certified solution for SGD glass dropper bottles with glass pipettes – suitable for filling CBD oil and other formulations like etheric oils and facial serums.

Available dropper bottle (stella) options: 10 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml. With compatible glass pipettes: graduated, ungraduated and with CRC (Child Resistant Closure) options.