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  • 02.12.2021.

We have committed ourselves to do transparent business which invests into safeguarding human health and elevating the quality of life on Earth to make sure that those who come after us have a better tomorrow.

Committed to a better tomorrow

We at Almagea believe that health is one of the key factors that makes our life on Earth worthwhile. So, we’re determined to make that our goal which drives us every day. We’re constantly investing into ourselves and we ‘re building on the knowledge we acquire along the way, growing and learning, in the hope that our future and the future of our customers will be much better. We know that changes happen when individuals set their minds to it, bringing change into their lives, and we believe (we are convinced!) that each one of us can make a change.

The times we are living in puts focus on the individual and we often tend to forget how wonderful and inspiring it would be if we could live by helping and doing good to others.  That’s why we at Almagea have decided to shift our focus – we pledged ourselves to create a better future for us and for our young generation, and we’re immensely proud of that.

Because we are totally aware that the amount of waste that gets produced in the world causes severe global health and existential issues, our aim is to handle it conscientiously. We strive to produce as less waste as possible, starting from our own office areas and all other areas in our everyday life. We act as role models to others, by maximally using up materials, recycling, waste storing, and we’re really being careful with everything Mother Nature has given us, and which we use daily.

The design of our business materials displays that meticulous care. When using ecological materials like bamboo, biodegradable plastic, paper or glass, which can be easily decomposed or recycled, we pay a lot of attention to the amount that is thereby produced and the targeted use. Quality is the end which we pursue in everything we do, subscribing to the popular belief that “Less is more.”

We’re building a better future with children, animals and environment in mind

We are proud of the projects we have implemented during our business so far, and we’re looking forward to all those that await us in the future. Our drive for continuous progress and growth has led us to put three things at the centre of our socially accountable business: children, animals and the environment. Wondering why these three?

Children are a source of inspiration to us, they make our lives more beautiful, so we want to give them everything they deserve – attention, care, knowledge, support and love.

Animals are an example to us of how togetherness and diligent and dedicated work lead to success. Their kindness and love remind us of everything that is important in life.

However, what we cannot do without, and what we have been neglecting lately, is the environment.

Therefore, we at Almagea, have decided to stand up for the environment and show how much we appreciate the environment and, how grateful we are for everything it has given us. We want to bring to your awareness that we must constantly invest in the environment and take care of it! We’ll leave the environment to those who are generations ahead of us, so we should not live in this world as if there’s no one else but us.

Our webshop = eco webshop

We have also been facing the rise of online shopping in the past few years. Although your everyday online orders, coming in large numbers, keep rejoicing us, we’re aware that these orders may cause a big waste disposal problem. That’s why we have decided to deliver all your online orders to your homes in a unique and meticulously designed ecological packaging – the eco box. The box comes in a biodegradable plastic bag, which provides extra protection during delivery to your ordered products. All our products are placed into recyclable cardboard boxes. When you’ve finished using your favourite Almagea dietary supplement, dispose of the package in the appropriate way. By using our products, you’ll become a part of Almagea’s healthy practices and you’ll be doing good for your future.

You can read about the next steps when recycling on this link.

We invite you to join us in our effort to build a better future and be proud of every step that you are going to make! Don’t forget:

Changes start with us. The first step is indeed the hardest, but remember this: “It’s a small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind.” Let’s make things better now for a new tomorrow!