Man Formula+

The formula for man made with special care.

For men's health and vitality.

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A proper and balanced diet as well as a healthy way of life are essential for men’s optimal health and vitality.

Almagea® Man Formula+ is a dietary supplement with nutrients in powder which help to minimize the level of oxidative stress and prolong physical activity. It contains:

    L-arginine, L-citruline and L-carnitine
    lycopene, vitamin E and folic acid
    zinc, copper and selenium

Zinc is a nutrient which acts in many processes within cells and inside the body. It’s especially vital for men’s health, because it aids in maintaining normal levels of testosterone in the blood and facilitates normal macronutrient metabolism, thereby contributing to normal energy production in the cells. Zinc helps maintain normal hair and skin quality, whereas copper provides for normal pigmentation. The synergy of zinc and folic acid helps proper cell division and DNA synthesis, and it also reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Copper contributes to the normal metabolism of energy production, as it is involved in over 300 chemical reactions in the body. Thanks to its antioxidant effect it has proven to be expecially important in cases of being exposed to environmental pollution. Vitamin E and selenium guard the cells against oxidative stress.

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Man Formula+ 30 bags

Man Formula+ contains the optimal combination of nutrients for men’s health and vitality.

198,00 HRK
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1 bag a day . Pour the contents of the bag into a glass of water (150ml) and let it dissolve .

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One pack consists of 30 bags, 6 g each (180 g).

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helps maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood.

Folic acid

reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Vitamin E

guards the cells from oxidative stress.


contributes to the normal immune system function.


contributes to the normal metabolism of energy production.

Ingredients in daily dosage (1 bag)% RDI*
1500 mg-
1000 mg-
L-carnitine (L-carnitine tartrate)
500 mg-
14 µg140 %
Vitamin E (DL-alpha-tokopheryl acetate)
12 µg100 %
8 mg
Copper (copper citrate)
2 mg200 %
Folic acid (pteroylmonoglutamic acid)
400 µg200 %
Selenium (sodium selenite)
100 µg182 %
*RDI - Reference Daily Intake

Happy customers


While actively using Man Formula+ I felt like I had more energy and strength. Immediately after taking it the effect was that I felt less tired. I noticed that fatigue would be significantly reduced during the day and I could be more active.

Ivana & Rikardo

After only 7% sperm motility from semen analysis, using your product it increased to 40% within 70 days. From September 2020 until today, we have not stopped taking Man Formula+.

-Ivana & Rikardo

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    • What is the recommended daily dose and what is the maximum daily dose of the product Man Formula+?

      According to available scientific studies that have addressed the issue of men’s sexual and reproductive health, taking 1 bag/sachets of Man Formula+ meets the daily needs for key antioxidants, amino acids and minerals that contribute to the health of men’s reproductive system. The maximum daily dose is two sachets dissolved in a glass of water.

    • In which cases do you recommend taking 2 sachets of Man Formula+ daily?

      We recommend two sachets a day in the following cases: exposure to high psychological and/or physiological stress, people overweight or obese, at frequent consumption of tobacco and alcohol products, leading an improper lifestyle (improper diet and/or inadequate physical activity). We recommend taking two sachets a day until the health status stabilizes, and after it does, continue with 1 sachet a day.

    • How long do you recommend using Man Formula+? Is it necessary to pause after a considerable time?

      The product can be used continuously, without breaks. We recommend using it for a minimum of 3 months without interruptions.

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