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Almagea® SHINE ON+

The way that our skin and hair look plays a vital role in everyday life and is considered the most visible indicator of health. By supporting the skin’s antioxidant defense mechanism we get to preserve its youthful appearance, radiance and glow. There are certain key nutrients that directly affect our daily appearance and health, and play a significant role in how we combat aging. Shine On + has these exact ingredients in the best possible combination.

Almagea® Shine On + is an innovative formula, which in its innovative  Licaps® capsules entails a:

    SkinAx² ™ and Keranat™
    vitamin B7
    zinc and copper
    vitamin C
    coenzim Q10



The patented ingredients Keranat ™ and SkinAx² ™ have clinical proof to their ability to work from within by adding volume, glow and firmness to the hair, and a balanced complexion and elasticity to the skin.

SkinAx² is a patented blend of four active ingredients (grape flavanol monomers, bioactive superoxide dismutase, vitamin C and zinc) carefully selected for their synergistic and proven efficiency in restoring glow to the skin, improving its elasticity and reducing dark circles and imperfections. SkinAx² ™ is the only formula that combines primary and secondary antioxidants acting against various mechanisms which occur during aging. Regular use of the formula protects against the negative effects of aging and maintains a fresh and healthy look of the skin with a natural glow. 2 out of 3 women claimed feeling more beautiful after 8 weeks of using 150 mg of the SkinAx² ™ supplement. SkinAx² ™ restores glow to the skin from within after only 8 weeks of using the supplement.

Keranat ™ is a naturally patented blend of millet seed oil, wheat seed, sunflower seed and rosemary leaf. This unique, innovative and effective botanical blend for beautiful and healthy hair, does not contain GMO, gluten and is a natural product derived from plants. Keranat ™ acts directly on the biological “engine” of the hair, the dermal papilla, and it is nature’s cure against excessive hair loss. Keranat ™ reduces hair loss by 50%, it restores its healthy life cycle (clinically proven) by making it stronger, shinier and healthier, and increases its volume and beauty when used for 12 weeks, at a dose of 300 mg.

The combination of the active ingredient miliacin from millet seed oil and lipids actively propel the secretion of hormones, which then stimulate keratinocytes. The stimulated keratinocytes thus work harder to produce more keratin, resulting in stronger and healthier hair. At the same time, Keranat ™ strengthens the surrounding cells, which ensure the strengthening and hydration of hair fibers. This is how the hair receives a threefold boost for a better health.

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Shine On+ 45 capsules

Shine On + is a new generation food supplement, which contains the patented blends of Keranat ™ and SkinAx ingredients 2 ™, vitamins C and B7, coenzyme Q10 and the minerals zinc and copper, which act from within to keep the hair, skin and nails healthy and beautiful.

179,90 HRK
Almagea SHINE ON+


1-2 capsules a day, accompanied by (a) meal(s).


One pack contains 45 Licaps®  capsules.

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Shine On+
Vitamin C

Vitamin C contributes to the normal production of collagen for normal skin function and helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin B7 (biotin)

Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and skin.


Copper contributes to the normal pigmentation of hair and skin and protects cells from oxidative stress.


Zinc helps maintain normal hair, skin and nails and protects cells from oxidative stress.

INGREDIENTS IN A DAILY DOSE (two Licaps® capsules)% RDI*
Mixture of oils from millet seeds, wheat seeds, sunflower seeds and rosemary leaves
300 mg-
SkinAx² ™
Mixture of extracts from grape seeds, melon concentrate, zinc and vitamin C
150 mg-
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
64 mg80 %
Coenzim Q10 (ubidecarenone)
30 mg-
Zinc (zinc citrate)
15 mg150 %
Copper (copper sulphate)
2 mg200 %
Vitamin B7 (biotin)
100 μg200 %
*RDI - Reference Daily Intake

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    • How does Shine On+ work?

      What is special about the Shine On+ formula is its synergy of natural and innovative botanical ingredients and vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that work from within for thick, shiny and firm hair, balanced complexion and elastic skin. The formulation contains biotin, zinc and copper that help keep hair and nails healthy, and copper, which helps preserve natural hair pigment. Zinc participates in the process of keratin synthesis and at the same time keeps nails strong. Vitamin B7 maintains healthy hair, keeping it soft, shiny and strong. Zinc, copper and vitamin C help protect cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C contributes to the normal production of collagen for normal skin function. Regular use of Shine On+ protects against negative effects of aging and maintains a fresh and healthy looking skin.

    • Who is Shine On+ meant for?

      Shine On+ it is intended for all people who want healthy and beautiful hair, skin and nails, especially for people who do not get enough micronutrients through food for the health of hair, skin and nails. Fresh and radiant skin, healthy hair and beautiful and firm nails are achieved by constant and long-lasting construction from within.

    • When is it advised to take 1, and when 2 capsules Shine On+ per day?

      We recommend 1 capsule to maintain a beautiful and healthy hair, skin and nails. We recommend 2 capsules if there is a health or beauty segment in the hair, skin and nails that you would like to enhance. We also recommend taking 2 capsules especially when there’s an increased need for nutrients. This occurs before/during/after intense or chronic stress, long-term or restrictive diet and diagnosed lack of nutrients important for the health and beauty of skin, hair and nails. Certain groups of people are also advised to take two capsules a day: overweight people, frequent consumers of tobacco and alcohol products and people living unhealthy lifestyles (due to improper diet and/or inadequate physical activity). Također, dvije kapsule dnevno preporučamo koristiti kod slijedećih slučajeva: osobe koje imaju prekomjernu tjelesnu masu, učestalim konzumentima duhanskih i alkoholnih proizvoda te onima koji imaju nepravilni životni stil (nepravilnu prehranu i/ili neadekvatnu tjelesnu aktivnost).